A Mother Pleading Desperately
For Her Son
H. B., Muehldorf county, Bavaria/Germany, May 2007

January 3rd, 1998

"Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD, is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation."

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.

Isaiah 12:2-3

With this scripture God answered to my prayer on January 3rd, 1998, when I brought my son (who was 18 years old back then) before His throne with pleading.

It happened in the middle of the said night, January 3rd, when our phone rang and we asked ourselves in dismay, "What could have happened this time? Who would phone at this time of the night?"

And it was bad enough, for a man who we did not know, shouted agitatedly into the phone that police was at his house, that something real bad had happened: the 19-year old friend of his daughter had died there in his house. He was filled with drugs and alcohol. The police wanted to question everybody who had been at that discotheque together with this deceased young man. My son had been there too, this was the reason for this phonecall. My husband woke him up and together they drove away into the night.

What else could I do in my fear other than falling on my knees, pouring out my heart to God?

There came His answer: Isaiah 12:2-3. As to a typical habit of mine, I wrote these verses down on a little devotional card. It is the one that you can see above. All of a sudden, an unexplicable peace overflowed my heart and I knew: it is only a question of time - God will eventually turn everything into good, for in Him all things are possible!

From that moment on He began intervening!

The years passed by. My son still had to experience many depths in his life. He was looking for fulfillment and happiness in relationships, drugs, alcohol, Gangsta rap, bodybuilding, etc. But listen to him as he tells himself:

"The more I developed into that direction, the more empty I got inside and the inner questions were drilling inside until they became completely unbearable. My searching deepened the pain so that by the middle of September 2005, I hit rock buttom. From that moment on, everything was meaningless for me, since I realized that nothing would ever make me happy. This resulted in a very deep depression and I weeped a lot in that time."

Here's more:

"One morning, on my way to work, I heard a song in the car radio by Xavier Naidoo (a German Christian popsinger). I usually couldn't bear hearing him sing because of his soft, thoughtful texts. But this morning was totally different:

Maybe they don't listen well, maybe they don't see that well,
Maybe they are lacking sense or they are lacking courage.
Forgive me my guilt, for when I see you
as long as I sleep and walk I'm carrying my sins around'
I don't want any promises made by men for me,
for they will only break them, this is how people are,
everything that counts is the connection with you,
and it would be my end if I lost it."

... and my son goes on testifying:

"When I heard these lines, I was deeply overwhelmed, for I realized that this singer was singing about me. I was that someone carrying his sins around day and night for I haven't seen Jesus yet. This burden was a heavy one. I had no connection with God, like the singer described. I stopped, pulled over and began to pray to God - all of a sudden I felt an unkown yet strong healing power inside of me and an indescribable love like I was always searching for. From that moment on, I started to get to know my life anew."

I simply don't have words for this. To me, this is a miracle of God. And now, my son and I can thank Him together for this miracle.

But hold on, do you think this is a coincidence?

Well, the story is not over yet:

In the church paper of December 2006, my son was officially introduced to the congregation. Full of joy, he showed my husband and me the respective 3-page-long report that told the testimony of his conversion. My husband and I enjoyed this moment thoroughly with a great thankfulness. Yet suddenly, we stared in amazement and awe on the scripture of the month that was written on the front page of this paper:

December 2006
With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.

Isaiah 12:3

Now compare this verse with the last part of the scripture written on the little devotional card shown here on top that God had given me as His answer to my pleading on January 3rd, 1998!

Would it be possible to calculate coincidence? Well I, for one, exclude any coincidence, since I am convinced in my heart that God has worked a miracle!

Here you can read this same testimony from the son's perspective!

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