From the desk of Steve Shultz, July 4, 2008

There is a reason that Billy Graham wrote two books about angels... because Billy Graham, one of the greatest revivalists of our era, knows that angels are important.

I LOVE it when Kathie Walters talks fairly early on in her new 2-CD set "Faith & Angels" (or mp3) about angels - that God's TRUE angels will NOT LET YOU WORSHIP THEM. That's how you know they are not of the devil. If they let you worship them, they are NOT from God.

However, we should talk about them because GOD TALKS ABOUT THEM and God told us that we may often entertain angels without even knowing it. You may say that you've never talked to an angel but HOW WOULD YOU KNOW if they hid themselves?

Angels are important because whatever God sends to help us is important. And angels are here for that very reason - to help us! But we don't worship angels. Of course not. Yet neither do we ignore them. We don't ignore the things of God. Our worship is in Christ alone and His Father. But isn't it great that angels are sent to help us?

Plus check out Roland Buck's book, in which he shares his experience with angels and Wesley and Stacey Campbell's 2-CD set on angels as well.

Like I said, even Billy Graham wrote two books about angels. To me, that says something very important, don't you think?


Steve L. Shultz
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