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Now please read Pastor Nazir's cry for help:

Hello dear. May the good Lord bless you. There is another sad news for you as last night two churches have been burnt by Muslim extremists in Sukkar in the province of Sind here in Pakistan February 20, 2006. The protests against cartoons of Prophet Mohammad are turning violent day by day and now Muslim protestors are attacking Christian properties. One of such incidents happened in Nusrat Colony Sukkur and Christians are in danger. We need your prayers. The Muslim mob set on fire two Churches and a Christian school. St. Friar and St. Mary Church damaged by fire and Muslim neighbors beat Christians. It all happened in presence of local police. We are still in contact with some Christian friends in Sukkur and waiting for details. After November 12 last year (read the article here), this is another attack in Sangla Hill in Punjab in which 4 churches three schools, 2 parishes, Boarding and houses of many Christians were burnt and destroyed.

Please pray for us the persecuted church. God bless us all and make us understand to love humanity, because we can love God only when we love our fellow beings.

Yours in Jesus

Pastor Nazir Shad Masih (nick name: John Gill)

Founder & Chairman of
God Love Ministry International ®
P-464, St.1, Model Town “B” Christian Town, Faisalabad. 38000, Pakistan.

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Voice Of The Martyr
March 1st, 2006

Violent protests against the cartoons of Mohammad that targeted Western businesses and institutions have spread to Christians who are seen as followers of a Western religion. Please pray for the following:

1. On February 13th, Muslim college students and Islamic militants vandalized missionary-run Edward's College in Peshawar, smashing windows in various buildings. Two days later protestors in Peshawar damaged St. Michael's Convent School, St. Elizabeth's Girls' College, and a mission hospital run by the Church of Pakistan. A United Presbyterian girls' school in Kasur was also damaged by a mob of several thousand Muslims. (VOM Canada)

2. A crowd of Muslims in the southern province of Sindh, burned down two churches and a convent school February 22nd, reportedly over an incident of Koran desecration. Local sources said the violence occurred after a Muslim was arrested for allegedly burning pages of the Koran and trying to frame his Christian father-in-law. (Compass Direct)

3. Yousaf Masih, a Christian detained on blasphemy charges, has been released on bail. Two days later, 65 of 85 Muslims, detained for the assault on churches in Sangla Hill, were also released. The blasphemy charge against Masih, a semi-illiterate farm hand, provoked a mob of 2,000 Muslims to attack and set fire to three churches, a convent, two schools, a hostel for girls and several Christian homes. (Religion Today)

Pray Christians in Pakistan will bless the Lord with their faithful witness to His amazing love for His enemies. Pray moderate Muslims all over the world will speak up in protest against the evil violence of Islamic extremists. Give thanks to God Yousaf Masih has been released, and pray God will protect him from any retaliation by the Muslims.


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