Visiting The Poor

After this highlight we also were to know the merciless poverty of the country. The indigenous population, namely the descendents of the Aztecs, Maya and other ethnical people, are those who suffer most because of it. Although officially, Mexico is no longer a third world country, the difference between rich and poor is exceedingly crass. In part, poverty there knows no limits. We visited some camps of Indio-Mexicans outside city limits.

The people living here are being treated like slaves. For an "income" of 8 US$ a day they toil on the fields under the torrid sun. Families live in tinned huts in abject poverty on the naked soil. Yet soil is not always the sam soil... In this part of Mexico, the soil is sandy and dusty. Kids with no shoes on their feet is seen very often. Only here we became aware of how fortunate we are living in such a prosperous country like Germany.

The blankets, rice and beans that we had for distribution were gratefully accepted.

We mingled with the people, but unfortunately could not converse too much because they speak a lingo between Spanish and their own native tongue.
Yet God's love is being understood even by the little ones...

Afterwards, brother Ralf talked about God's wonderful message and ended with prayers. Some of the people were healed and delivered from alcohol. Again, God has shown that He can work big things through small people until the ends of the world!

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