Youth Church Service
This day, we went to a plaza between three schools the kids had to cross after school finished. We wanted to take the opportunity to tell them of Jesus and invite them to our youth church service that evening at Capilla Calvario.

Pastor Basilio knew perfectly well where to go to in order to reach the kids!

Preparations had to be done quick as the plaza was filled with school kids in no time!

Basilio opened the event by telling the school kids about our theater plays so they
would know perfectly well what it was all about.

He told them why we were there and that we have a heart for Jesus and wanted to tell them about His message in theater plays, since we don't speak Spanish. They were all quite surprised when becoming aware that we as a group traveled more than 10.000 km (over 6200 miles) just because of this...!

I was quite excited this time as about 150 to 200 school kids attentively watched us performing! Again we showed the play about this man with his worldly problems and Jesus "King of Hearts". It's about four personalities hiding behind masks; the strong one who never shows his weak spot or the clown who is always funny but unsatisfied and suicidal behind the mask. In the end, Jesus comes and delivers them all from their masks. Simply awesome and overwhelming...

After the performance we handed out our flyers with scripture verses and invited the kids
to our youth church service.

In the evening, when church started, I must admit that I had expected more people to come. But it was okay.

Our group showed some more plays
and performed some German worship songs which was easy and we also sang some songs in Spanish, which was not quite as easy but we managed

This here is a well known play "The Sin Box". It begins with the devil putting a big box on the platform, with the words "pecado" ("sin") written on top. Now, a man come alnog and stumbles over it. Very impressed by the "delicacies" he sees inside, he immediately steps into the box and tries them.
When he attempts leaving the box, he sudddenly realizes that he is stuck. He (in this case Falle me!) tries with every effort to get out again until finally a Christian comes walking by and recommends prayer asking God to deliver him. No sooner said than done and he is FREE!

As usual, pastor Edmund preached and finished with an altar call, which means, asking people to give their lives to Jesus.

After the church service, we had good opportunities to talk with the school kids and pastor Basilio's sons helped us with the translations. We made friendships and had a great fellowship.

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