IRAN: Christian Women Pressured To Recant Faith In Christ

PAKISTAN: Christians Burnt Alive

NORTH KOREA: Human Rights Organization Condemns Execution of Christian Woman

INDIA: Home Minister Says 'Sorry' To Orissa Victims

YEMEN: Two German Bible School Students Murdered

NORTH KOREA: Christians Standing Steadfast In Prayer

CHINA: Ethnic Korean Pastor Expelled And His Church Abolished

CHINA: Prayer And Care Caused 16 Christians To Be Released From Dentention In Henan Province

PAKISTAN: World Vision Helping Displaced Families

INDIA: Elderly Pastor Beaten

PAKISTAN: Christians From War-Torn Swat Valley Seaking Refuge

INDIA: Fears Or More Violence After Second Hindu Leader Killed In Orissa

PAKISTAN: Violence Spiraling Out Of Control

CHINA: More Than 60 House Church Leaders Arested

CHINA: Letter Of Thanks To All Who Prayed From Believer Whose Husband Now Died

PAKISTAN: Family Of Blasphemy Accused Sons Forced To Hide

ERITREA: Christian Death Mount In Eritrean Prisons

CHINA: Pastor Zhiang Again Thrown Out Of Beijing

PAKISTAN: Blasphemy Laws To Be Abolished

PAKISTAN: Two Churches Attacked in Karachi

PAKISTAN: Christian Girl Freed From Slavery

PAKISTAN: Muslims Allowed To Destroy Christian Homes For A Stable

EGYPT: Female Convert To Christianity Raped, Kids Not Provided With Food

ERITREA: New Government Raid Arresting Christians Nationwide

BANGLADESH: Buddhist Clerics Holding Christians Captive

MALDIVES: Reform In Politics But Not In Religious Liberty

INDIA: Extremists Offering $250,00 To Murder Pastors

RUSSIA: Fifty-six Religious Organizations To Be "Liquidated"

EGYPT: 20.000 Muslims Attacking 1.000 Christians in A Church Today

CHINA: After Being Freed, Pastor Zhiang Is Being Harrassed Again

INDIA: Extremists Demand End To Christian Activity In Orissa

EGYPT: Professor Accuses Egyptian Government of Doubletalk

IRAQ: Muslim Group Orders All Christians To Leave Country

CHINA: Persecution Of Christians Intensifies After Olympics

GREAT BRITAIN: Christian TV Broadcast Angers Muslims

FRANCE: Holy God Television In Paris Attacked

AFGHANISTAN: Christian Aid Worker Killed By Taliban

CHINA: Pastor Bike Zhang's Son Severely Beaten By PSB Officials

IRAQ: Persecuted Christians Send Urgent Text Messages To Christian TV Station

INDIA: Three Weeks Of Violence In Orissa Now Spread Over To Second State

INDIA: Pastors Attacked, Tied To A Car And Paraded Half Naked

CHINA: House Churches Forced To Sign Document Not To Meet During Olympics

CHINA: President of House Church Alliance Arrested

SAUDI ARABIA: Christians To Be Deported

CHINA: Beijing Bookstore Owner's Healts Deteriorating In Prison

PAKISTAN: Court Says Forced Conversion Of Two Kidnapped Girls is Legal

CHINA: President of Chinese Alliance of House Churches Forced By Authorities To Live On The Streets

SRI LANKA: Buddhists Devaste Evangelical Church

CHINA: Pastor And Interpreter Dateined

INDIA: Pastors Get Attacked First And Then Arrested

GREAT BRITAIN: Registrar Before Court Because Of Refusal To Carry Out Non-Trafitional Marriages

IRAN: Persecution Getting Stronger

TURKEY: Malaty Murder Scandal

UK: British Muslim Converts Under Death Threat

PAKISTAN: Fears for Christians And Other Minorities

ERITREA: Helen Berhane Granted Asylum In Denmark

CHINA: More Than 100 Missionaries Expelled

NORTH KOREA: Man To Be Executed Publically For Being A Christian

PAKISTAN: Situation increasing dangerously for Christians

PAKISTAN: Whole Family Charged With Blasphemy

MYANMAR/BURMA: Order For "Christians To Be Wiped Out"

Fatwa on Apostasy in Islam

INIDIA: New Anti-Conversion-Laws

INDIA: Assault On 2 Indian Pastors, One Being Murdered

PAKISTAN: Christian Children Abducted And Sold In Pakistan

IRAN: International Call For Prayer And Fasting for Iranian Christians

NORTH KOREA: Prison Camps Filled With Christians

INDIA: A Converted Indian Pastor Survives Killing Attempt

NIGERIA: 14-Year-Old Girl Before Sharia Court

PAKISTAN: Attack On Church In Kanwanlit

Call For Terror

PAKISTAN: Attack on Churches