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German Evangelicals Outraged At TV Program
Christians Asked To Pray For Muslims During Ramadan
Saying Good-bye To Michael Jackson
The Harvest Is Ripe In Hollywood
Atheist Campaign In Germany: Christians Jump On The Bus
Largest Church in Middle East Thriving in UAE
Iran Elections - A Turning Point For Christians?
Global Day of Prayer 2009
Proof Found For Israelite Exodus
London Prayer
Germany Hosts "For Heaven's Sake" Missions Congress
British Nurse Not Suspended For Offering Prayer
Historic Women's Conference In Pakistan
Indian Nanny to Jewish Couple's son Is A Christian
Wycliff Pushing To Translate Last Remaining Languages
Possibley Oldest Hebrew Inscription Found
Wall Street Turns To Prayer
Evangelicals Portrayed As Dangerous Elements
Iraqi Sites Not Looted
"A Flavorful Life"
Former Vietnamnese Child Victim Shares Her Faith In Christ
Orthodox Jews Begin Dialoag With Christians
Orthodox Jews Begin Dialoag With Christians
Serving Suffering Burma
God Changing the Nation Of Nepal
Bold Anglican Sounds The Call For Fearless Evangeliszation In UK
Fith International Medical Conference In Norway 2008
Messianic Jews Encouraged By Supreme Court
Crowds Flock To Evangelistic Event In Poland
Christians Attend Unprecedented Easter Rally in Nepal
South Korean President-Elect A Committed Christian
An Urgent Cry From The Nation's Evangelists
Godly Forgiveness at Colorado Shooting
Bibles Banned At Olympic Games In China?

Priestly Blessing Spoken Anew On Temple Mount
Zambia's President Got Baptized
Day of Prayer in Las Vegas
Sukkot - Feast Of The Tabernacles 2007
Psychologists And Psychiatrists Should Learn From Clergy
Bridge Collapse in Minnesota
Nashville - The Call
European Debate On Creationism In Schools
Third World Missionaries Flock To Europe
German Susanne Geske forgives Murderers Of Her Husband
Many UK Christians Feel Discriminated
China Blocks Websites.... Ours Too
Canadian Apology
Lesbian Activist Turns Evangelist
Modern Sanhedrin Plan New Temple Sacrifice
It's Godtube - not Youtube...!
Iranian High Ranked Imam Receives Christ
Explosion Of Christianity In Nepal
US Navy Chaplain Not To Preach In The Name Of Jesus
French Muslims Converting To Christ By The Thousands
False Christ Now Brands Church Goers With The Mark Of The Antichrist
Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke Live On GOD.TV Feb. 22 to25, 2007
Science Student Claims He Can Prove Genesis To Be True
CALL FOR PRAYER: Fatah Occupies Baptist Church In Gaza-Strip
British Airways And The Cross
Rick Warren To Preach In North Korea? Please go on praying!
Is it forbidden to advertize "Christian Skating"???
Football/Soccer Organizsation FIFA Closes Stadium Chapels
Morbid Society
Signs Of The Zodiac Is A Mere Hocus-Pocus
Hunger For God Growing Worldwide
False Christ Operates in Florida
God working in China
Pastor Nazir Gill: New Attacks on Christians in Pakistan